Steamer Assembly of an exhaust manifold, brass siphon and a part of an oil lamp from 1920's. Height: 17 inches Width: 11.8 inches Single copy.
Asparagus Made with a tool used to guild bunch of asparagus. Height: 20.85 inches Width: 11 inches Single copy.
Delta The new version of my 3D desk lamp. Now on a wood block. Height: 21 inches Width: 11 inches
Mini-Versailles Pair of electric candles for a tribute to Versailles. Will fit on a big fireplace or a big desk. Height : 23 inches Width : 10 inches
Neptune A trident who merge Edison bulbs with an old fireman brass extinguisher. Height : 23.5 inches Width : 10.5 inches Single copy.
My tribute to the Sterling motorcycle created by Black Douglas. Height : 15.75 inches Width : 22.4 inches Single copy.
Nemo Sur une base de pied de lampe des années 1950, cet ancien détendeur de gaz en laiton fait jaillir une flamme électrique par son hublot métallique. Height: 13.8 inches Width: 3.4 inchesm Single copy.
Volt-Face Inspired by old desk lamps from 1920's, this lamp will be in a great place on a double-desk or in center of large table. Height: 13.8 inches Width: 13.8 inches
Lantern Crank assembly, old gasoline funnel and gear. Height: 29.5 inches Width: 11.8 inches Single copy.
Skyscraper A tribute to all scyscraper built in 1920's in United States.. Height: 19.7 inchesm WIdth: 9.85 inchesm Single copy.
Wood Panoramic New version of the Panoramic, now on oak support. Limited series. Hauteur : 20 cm Largeur : 70/75 cm
Fairlight On a base from mecaninc part from a car.. Height: 16.1 inches Width: 10.2 inches
Paperclip Inspired by all the paper clips unfolded in the drawer of my desk? Who knows... Height: 14.3 inchesm Width: 10.4 inches
Alexandria Steampunk vision the lighthouse of Alexandrie. Height: 20.8 inches Width: 11.8 inches Single copy.
Spaceship Defender A voluntary tribute to a universe that has fascinated me since childhood: the interstellar ships. This lamp can be installed as a wall lamp, for an even more ... "galactic" effect or on a very large desk. Height: 22.8 inches s
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